No longer am I a stranger to these walls as they grew beyond their shape and form. From obscurity ascends a structure as a vivid sanctuary through vague voices, buzzing lights and squeaking doors. The dog next door is barking. My window in 129 is broken, whomever it belonged to before me, they’ve put a bright orange string to fix it. I adore this string, it has become an essential part of calling it my atelier.

Noesis is a site-specific project researching human correlations with inhabited space. Strong ties to space in terms of shelter-building are nothing new in history of human behavior, but what happens when we are only a passerby? How do we imprint ourselves in a building which gradually, transforms inhabited space in an entity of its own. we create a transcendental space through our interaction with it. It is not only a room, a corridor, an empty shell of previous dweller. It grows beyond itself and we become inseparable part of its history.

Installation is a sound map of TAC building, constructed from recorded noises all around the premises. The experience of a soundscape presents a unique portrait of space; it is a map, a documentation and identification.

Two part exhibition was realized in scope of Artist in Residence (July – December 2019) in Temporary Art Center (Eindhoven, NL).