Ursa Prek

Interdisciplinary Artist based in Eindhoven, NL

Event Horizon

A public space sculpture at Zaartpark, Breda, NL

24. September – 20. December 2022

And so it appeared, growing slowly, erecting from the ground. A monolith, standing tall, carrying an object that became a symbol of my past. This artefact is a monument, a time capsule to mark the point of no return. I helplessly kiss past moments goodbye as I watch them disappear beyond the event horizon.

My work has grown closer and closer related to the investigations of nostalgia: the ultimate utopia found in the past; the wishful thinking; the distorted memory. How much of it is real? Time. Ageing. The monolithic structure pays an absurd tribute to a trivial moment from my past. The specific Slovenian vanilla pudding I ate when five-years-old is saturated by particular space and time from my history. This sacred object in Zaartpark is, therefore, creating a sacred ground for temporal worship.

The structure is placed in the public space in Breda. During the three-month period, the work is going to be documented and observed. Finally, one unit (box with a pudding cup) is buried on the site, representing the ceremony of time capsule burial. This (private) performance will be filmed in December 2022 and presented as a video installation in January 2023.

Photography & video: Jamie Jansen

Supported by:

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