Ursa Prek

Interdisciplinary Artist based in Eindhoven, NL

TrACes 2021 – online presentation

TrACes 2021 – online presentation

The old TAC building breathes history. The wooden cases that once transported paintings from the Van Abbe museum have become part of the building’s furniture. The lettering on the door reminds us of the grand days of Philips. Throughout its history, the building has been a home to many. Today, these spaces are a breeding ground for creative minds and audiences. And it is undergoing drastic changes.

TrACes is an immersive historical document: both a time capsule and an inspiration for TAC after its renovation. The project preserves the heritage of the building in the form of an online virtual space – accessible to former, current and future visitors.

With the use of 360° photography (Frederike Manders) and sound (Urša Prek) the artists capture and preserve these overlapping histories—traces.

Supported by TAC and Cultuur Eindhoven.