Ursa Prek

Interdisciplinary Artist based in Eindhoven, NL

Fun and Games

Installation with kinetic sculptures and sound: The Pyramid & wall units (triptych); 2022

The Pyramid
I build my identity, make my decisions, and anticipate
the future through past experiences. Looking back
means to look forward, to build. The installation is a
construction site of childhood games, of memories, of
anticipation, of helplessness.
The continuous motion and balancing act on top
of the Lego block resembles somewhat aggressive,
yet graceful motion of codependence. The contrast
emphasizes the relation between child naivety and the
construction of identity.

The wall units (sound sculptures)
A childhood game of construction with Lego is a
memory that has become almost an archetype for a
number of generations: the sound of Lego bricks in
the plastic box while digging for a piece you need, is
a trigger for nostalgia. This noise, emitted from the
rotating boxes, suddenly manifests itself as a catalyst
and the means of transportation to the past. The
programmed chareography is endlessly reshaping the
composition of lego bricks inside every box. 

Fun and Games becomes a model, a simulator for continuous search and construction of our space. I’m thinking, is anyone really not a vagabond?